Laser future plans / requests (6mo to 1yr plan)


In the next 6mo to 1 year, are there any additional laser upgrades, changes, etc that people would like to see?

For instance:

  • Would it be worth converting a laser (or eventually both) to open source? Laserweb4 may be worth a go. . Personally, I find the whole proprietary controller with dongle and laser cut software lock in to be very limiting and annoying.

  • Do we want to set up the small laser as a fine engraver / cutter with a shorter focal length for detail work? With a 1.5" focal lens, the laser(s) can do incredible detail with a much sharper beam (and kerf). It also allows cleaner cutting of delicate materials like paper, mylar, etc. The disadvantage to this is that the depth of cut is reduced, so no cutting of anything but thin material. However, this is the de facto way to get detailed engravings, stencils, art laseringsā€¦

  • Other ideas?