Laser Fundrasing Begins Now!


We are now ready to start accepting donations for the purpose of buying a laser cutter. You can donate by any method you prefer. Our goal is to raise $5,410 for this.

I have set up a pledgie campaign for the fundraising, but I want to explain some caveats with it. By using, we incur fees in two ways. First, takes a 3% slice from any donation. In addition to this, since Paypal considers this transaction to be a purchase, Paypal also takes ~3%. This adds up to a total of about 6% for any donations processed via the pledgie site directly. For this reason, we want to encourage people to donate by other methods if they feel comfortable doing so. Any pledges/donations that take place offline can be entered into the pledgie campaign manually so that the “percent raised” graphic will be accurate. The link to the pledgie is here:

One more thing about Paypal. I think that if someone were to simply send $$ via paypal to our hive13 paypal account, that would be considered a personal transfer and would not incur any fees. If someone out there could try this so we can confirm, I’d appreciate it. That would allow us to still take the donations online, but avoid the fees. Let me and Craig know if you want to try this.

A blog post announcement is the next step we are currently working on, and then after that spread the word via Twitter, etc, etc.

Thanks to everyone who chips in. Every little bit helps!

Let me or any other officer know if you have any questions. We are really excited about getting this tool!


P.S. - This is the laser we are planning to get:

P.P.S. - before you ask: Kickstarter has a similar, but higher, fee structure. 5%->kickstarter, 3-5%->amazon

Nice. Can't wait til we get all the funding together so we can get one of these bad boys in the shop.
Sorry. I didn't know about the fees on pledgie and I donated there this morning.

What is the address for the Hive’s paypal account?

Which is kind of annoying that we can’t make a generic one. I setup the original account for the Hive and therefore that’s the name it is currently registered under. :confused:

The only annoyance for me is that the pledgie isn’t tagging the donations for the project anymore. So if there is a field to put notes please use that just so I’m 100% what the money is a donation for.



Dave do you want me to send you a copy of the emails that show up as direct donations so you can record them on pledgie just to show the status? It does seem to work (saving 3%)