Laser down

Hey everyone,

The laser is currently down for unknown reasons. I checked the usual suspects (water flow, etc) and couldn’t spot anything.

I did test if the laser had an output before any of the mirrors so it is narrowed down to electronics or the actual tube. Not sure which! I’ll continue to poke around, but more help would be awesome!


Jon (and Bill?),

I might be at the HIVE later tonight. Let’s try and figure out what this issue is. It being down will obviously impact the intent to continue the laser tutorial on the machine Tuesday night.

I’m also working on a float for a neighborhood 4th of July parade and hope to run some piece parts trough the laser before then, so I’m interested to get it back functional.


I will be in later tonight.


We did some trouble shooting and it is the laser power supply that is dead. I am trying to figure out what the value of the bad component is. If we can’t figure that out a new one is $129. Will order a new one if I can’t figure out the component by tomorrow.

This is the third power supply in a fairly short time to have gone dead in that room - the 3d modeling computer’s one, the gigabots, and now this one. Is it possible there is something else going on there? Or is this all coincidence?

Power supplies are one of the most failure/THE most failure prone prone item in electronics generally due to the capacitors in them. I think the computer power supply died from a power surge of some sort and the gigabot and laser cutter power supplies died because they are pretty crap. It probably isn’t a bad idea to get some decent UPSes that have line filtering and put the more sensitive items on them.


There are enough spare line isolating UPSes that that whole room could very easily be put on one.


You and the team are super AWESOME! Send me the bill and we’ll get it paid.

Jim (CFO)

I fixed the laser power supply so it is now back up and operational!

I brought up that it would be nice to buy a larger laser cutter. The company we got ours from has a much larger model that would be cheaper than what we paid originally for ours. Just a though!

AWESOME SQUARED AGAIN! Thanks for your excellent work.

What is the web link and specs for a second laser? I think we can certainly justify it. I make a motion we have a discussion and vote at the next meeting.

Do I hear a second?


I’ll second