Laser Cutter and 3D Print help in the next couple days

I have a couple objects, one I need to 3D print, and one I need to laser cut. I’m not certified for either of these things, so is there anyone who can help me with them/babysit me while I use them? Or train/certify me? I can come at whatever time of day is convenient.

The files are on Fastor, in /Volumes/NetShare/joedski/BeeBox/Letters - Round 1/, reproduced here in dropbox links if for some reason you really want to see them.
Laser Cuts: - There’s a cut layer and an engrave layer. Ideally, this would be cut out of 1/4" or 1/2" plywood.

3D Print: - STL.

As is traditional, I have waited until there are only a few days left until the maker faire to ask this. Granted, I started late, but anyway.


Just a quick note of thanks to Jim and Bill and you other guy who’s name is escaping me for helping with the lasering and 3D printing!