Laser Computer

I believe it was discussed at the hive today that the lasers' computer hard drive had failed.

Dustin that is what you determined correct?

So we may want to procure a new hard drive, and locate the backup files and setting for both lasers.

Yeah, LaserChicken is not so healthy at the moment. I think the time has come to replace it with a newer computer, probably the one Tiffany acquired at UC auction currently sitting on the fablab floor. Maybe wait and see what Ian B thinks…

Dustin installed LaserCut on the 3D printer computer, which seems to be identical software to EasyCut (different chinese branding). This may work as a stopgap. Dustin was able to use the laser cutter today by exporting to USB stick.


We learned that the scaling is way off on this software maybe something in the machine settings?

but we did some quick math and was able to figure out that anything about to be cut will need scaled down by approximately 65% and it should fit pretty well of course super precise things this is not going to be the case.

Ian had mentioned a month or so ago that he was 90% finished with the computer to replace laser chicken. Hopefully he has finished that computer so we can get that station up and running again. Speaking of those, Ian, if you bring the ssds to the board meeting Monday, I’ll get those other computers up and running.

Yeah, just like Mike said, laser cut 5.3 is exactly like easy cut 5.3. the only difference is the logo and name. Laser cut needs a dongle like easy cut, but our easycut dongle was compatible with lasercut and let me use it. I was using the windows 10 computer in the fablab (which the dongle is still in the back of it fyi), and loading to the laser via jump drive. I couldnt get the USB cord working, but I believe there are drivers to get that to work (I didn’t bother trying myself due to being on a deadline).
The scale was off as mentioned, but that might just be a machine setting that needs tweaked.

Something I found that’s nice with laser cut is it has a demo mode which you don’t need a dongle and free to install. It doesn’t let you save traditionally, but there is a way to bypass that. So you can set up your cut on laser cut demo mode on your laptop, save it on a flash drive, then bring it to the laser computer to have it cut.
Tl;dr multiple people can set up cuts while freeing up the laser computer to do actual cuts.

Bottom line: Laser cut might be an opportunity to utilize a beefier and more stable (no more random restarts!) System with our laser. I mean we sucessfully cut stuff with it… That said, I only spent a few hours of desperation fiddling with it to cut something, so it might take some more playing around and tweaking to get everything running smoothly.