Laser Classes

Hello all.

As mentioned in another thread, I was interested in doing a laser tutorial class. I was wanting to get the rotary tool working so I can do a complete laser tutorial class, but getting things tweaked for the rotary tool is taking quite a long time to figure out.

The class I had in mind is designed to train you on how to operate both the small and large laser safely and effectively. I will also show how to use the laser cutting software and how to prep images in Inkscape.

I was going to do the class next Saturday (3/11), but I if anyone is interested, I can also do some classes this coming week on Mon, Wed, and Fri after 5pm.

I’d prefer to stick to wood material, so people can bring in their own we can use scrap materials found in the fablab.

What time on Saturday?

I was thinking two classes, one at noon, one at 4.

I would be interested. I'll keep my eyes open for when the class times are decided.

Tim W.