Laser class March 11th

Big and small laser training and certification (am I able to certify people with my training?)

Class Size Limit: 6 per class
Cost: $0, minus laser minutes
General Description:

This class is designed to train you on how to operate both the small and large laser safely and effectively. I will also show how to use the laser cutting software (Easycut 5.3) and a design program (Inkscape), as well as share some tricks i’ve learned about them through my experience. After completing this class, you should know how to:

  • Activate the ventilation system

  • Prep the laser

  • Prep your material

  • Navigate the software like a champ

  • Fire the “laser”

  • How to log your laser minutes
    Members may bring their own wood material to be used, or they can use scrap materials found in the fablab.

12pm class

4pm class

just a heads up, it used to be that training minutes didn’t count against your free or purhcased minutes.

Ah, good to know. Thanks!

does each class cover both lasers? IE, do we need to attend both to be certified for both?

I just clicked the links and the date shows as Dec 2016 and the class ended. Is it too late for me to get into the 4:00pm class?

Woops. here are the corrected links. Sorry about that!

Yes, join one class, and I will cover both lasers (i have separate classes to give people more options in time). I spaced it out to give ample time for demonstrations of each machine and let to let each person use the laser themselves. Most of the time I allocated is for if someone wants to design something, I can walk them through the process of designing something for the laser cutter.

Yup, it’s never too late! I will accept walk ins as well, just be aware that registered individuals will have priority over walk ins.

I might be able to make it… checking schedule.


To be a pest and all where do we catch the nearest Tardus to make the March 4th date ?? 0=)

lol I swear that happens to almost every post on the main page, the event bright date is correct!

I enjoyed the class. Many thanks. Seeing that acrilic cut was amazing. That would be a pia by hand tools.