Laser Class - After Meeting tonight

If anyone has not been certified on the laser cutter yet, I will be doing an updated class on the laser cutter after the meeting tonight. I am going to spend my lunch time updating the presentation documents to reflect updated knowledge since the class was first put together.

We can also discuss at the meeting tonight who can teach other people how to use the laser cutter, I do not intend or desire to be the only person training people on the laser cutter. My only real concern is that we use the same class material to make sure everyone gets the same basic material coverage.

The general format I have followed is to first go over the presentation to cover what the laser cutter can (and can’t) do, how to safely use the laser cutter (safe for both you and the laser cutter), and a quick overview of the workflow. Then I walk people through actually using the laser cutter with a project.

The presentation is currently shared w/ the Hive13 Dropbox that is on the Hive13 laser cutter. As stated above I will be working on it during lunch, but here is the laser cutter’s LibreOffice presentation as of writing this email ( ).

I have attached the updated version of the presentation to this post as a PDF and the source LibreOffice Presentation document is available here:

Any suggestions for additions, modifications, or removal are welcome.

p.s. I tried to attach both, but apparently 2.6 MB + 512 KB > 4 MB by google math.

ClassPresentation_2012.01.17.pdf (511 KB)