Laser certification class July 7th 2:00-4:00

I had a request for training on the laser so I’ve agreed to do a certification class for the laser on July 7th from 2:00-4:00.
I’ll see if we can throw up a MeetUp to make it more “official”.

Feel free to come by and get certified on the laser.

Of course this means that the lasers will not be available during this time

Laser class went well. We had seven people learn how to use the big laser.

We fought a bit with the software as one of the class attendees wanted to import some Adobe Illustrator files but the software would not.
We exported the ai files as a DXF and still had issues. Finally had to change the “Stroke” setting from “nil” to black and then create outlines for the lasercut software to import the files correctly.
We also played with cut vs engrave for different effects. It would be nice to create a summary of how to do things in other programs and bring them into the lasercut software. I’ll take a stab at starting a how-to guide but any experience would be appreciated.
Feel free to post hints/tips on this thread.




What sort of issues were you having? I tried importing DXFs from AI last night and nothing was showing up.

Per your email, I selected the entire file and added a stroke to thicken up the lines but with no success.

Any suggestions?

We need to create easy instructions.

I think we had to transform text to outlines, make sure line was not “null” (white box with red diagonal line) and not zero weight.
I will try and do some testing this weekend.
My gut is thinking the not “null” is the thing.

Thanks! I’ll give it a shot. I’ll take screen grabs if it works.

I’ve been playing around with it at home for about an hour. Very frustrating. I was finally able to import a DXF into Lasercut but it dropped some of the letters in a text string. Now I’m trying to see if the drop is random or repeatable. This Lasercut software is crap.
So far I was able to get stuff into Lasercut by setting the stroke to not “null”, exporting from Ai to DXF and selecting the “outline text” option in the export box.
It will also be readable in Lasercut if you set stroke to not “null” and select text and “create outline” and then save as DXF.
The Lasercut software is quite buggy and I think you may need to close and restart the software if you have weird import issues.

Good Times.