Large Laser - Good to Go - Group Effort!

Big Laser is Good to Go!

Thanks to the team of today Greg, Lorin and myself. We have calibrated the Large Laser so that it cuts beautifully without using an aluminum spacer. Just run your Z Datum right into your cutting material and you are good to go.

Thanks to Dustin and myself yesterday we replaced the old lens with the new freshly ordered lens.

Thanks to Brad for ordering and bringing in the Lens.

Trainers… you are up! lol


Glad the lens worked. We should save the cracked one as an emergency replacement. Maybe label it with the focal length and “CRACKED” on the box.

Wonderful! Keep it up!

We looked at the lens under a scope and it didn't appear cracked.


The one I saw had a huge crack from the center to the edge. Maybe it got swapped.
I can look at it this weekend.



Awesome teamwork!


AWESOME! Thanks Guys!

Does someone what to create a webpage that has a running timer for how long the laser is operational before Jon sets it on fire again?

or has people who have worked on it documented what was done on the wiki? maybe upload the 3dprinted files, etc. That way if this happens again, we don’t have to spend so much time trying to figure things out…

Thanks to everyone for getting it up and running!

Documented the changes in the wiki under "work log" last night