laptop help / need laptop

Sorry I have not made it done the past few meetings, they bumped my next surgery to the 19th next month as the one knee just keeps falling apart… Speaking of falling apart, I rode the stairs along with my laptop in tow and the board will not power up at all. I did get the full warranty to cover such things however I am looking at having to buy a laptop by Saturday likely. Katie and I are taking and printing pictures with the easter bunny for the fire department that we do entirely for free and I hook up Kaies SLR to the laptop and to the printer to keep up with the pace. If anyone has a used laptop or input I would greatly appreciate it. I do not know if my old one is fixable as the same thing happened to it… NO JOKE :confused:

I am working on jb welding the old laptops case together and creating holes for screws to tap into as I was lucky and did not break the old ones screen or board, just ripped out the anchors for the metal screen hinges and have to try and find a hard drive for it.

I also have one of the stripped think pads Dave B brought in that I know is missing at minimum a hard drive, and battery.

Any ideas or if anyone has a laptop they are selling please let me know.

Thank you!