Lan Installing

A couple of us are getting together Thursday at 4pm to get some
cabling done so we can enjoy what we have spent so much money and time
on. If you are free to lend a hand round that time, please come on by!

Avishan - I can't come at 4:00 but might swing by around 6:00. I do
have a two-part ethernet continuity checker tool (1=1, 2=2, 3=3, ...
8=8 so OK) if that helps and don't know if you already have one. Also
I can print nice professional custom cable label tags to wrap around
the ends of both wires.

( x=[WIRE-001]==========[WIRE-001]=x ).

How about that for a cheap ASCII graphic? What format might we want
to have on the tags? I think I have 8 characters to work with.


Hey Jim,

I think we have a two-part continuity checker tool so you don't have
to worry about it.

I think the labels would be helpful, both for the wires or even for
the patch panels. I have no clue what format we want. When/If you can
come we can figure it out, otherwise whatever you think works for me.
I'm not picky.

do we have a diagram of what goes where?

if so, then we can make up jack and patch/block numbers. the wires should be numbered already, so it’s just a matter of making sure that jack numbers (the end of the wire out in the space) corresponds to each patch number (the end of the wire terminated at the patch panel).

Amishan & Chris:

I got hung-up at work and can't make it tonight. The webcam showed an
empty room anyway, but I'm not sure it was a timely picture. I've
made a scanned view of what the labels would look like. Let's decide
on text and quantity and then I'll print and bring them in.


Yeah, the webcam is not updating right now, doubly so because we stole its ethernet wire to hook up the bar area.

We got a good bit of work done, there are at least 6 ports wired up on the bar, all the wires are pulled through and the bases of the boxes are screwed down. The punchdown panel is coming along, Avishaan, Dave, and I all worked on it.