I have been told we have both a label maker and a laminator in Hive13, but have never seen/used them. Would someone be willing to meet me tomorrow during my warden hours (5:00-7:00, Thursday, 11/28/2018) to show me how to make new name and reservation labels for the vertical storage spaces?


Kevin M.
Woodworking Warden

The labelmaker should be in the kitchen drawer near the “open” switch.
It is one of the handheld ones, works pretty well.

How about lamination? I’d like to print some bigger than a label maker print.

The last time I saw the laminator it (and it’s supplies) were in a metal 2-drawer file cabinet in the FabLab. But that was pre-re-organization.

It’s just big enough for an 8 1/2” sheet so it’s about a foot long and 4”x4”.