Label Maker

I see we have a couple different label makers at the Hive, but the one that seems to be both functional and best suited for what I want to use it for has Pennyfingers' name on it. Is it still fair game, or should I get a non-marked label maker working? I know it's just a label maker, just covering my bases here.

In the kitchen next to light switch, check the drawers should be two if I recall.

That's what I am referring to, just wanted to see if the one was personal property or not.

Used to be a Hive 13 label on it and was available for use to members.

IIRC, pennyfingers label maker is free for people to use. We’ve been buying the tape for it at the very least.

Yep, free game for all. Donated it to the Hive. Feel free to rip my tags off of it and add your own.