Kobalt 60 gallon aircompressor?

Does anyone know anything about the ownership, origin, status, etc. of the Blue + Black Kobalt brand air compressor that is currently in the metal shop at the hive?

I believe this is the asset tag / page: https://wiki.hive13.org/view/HV0184


That belongs to Kevin.

Kevin Schuler?

What’s the deal with those asset tags? Do they end up on all equipment deemed worthy of keeping track of or are they intended to go on pieces of equipment the hive owns? What does it mean when a piece of equipment at the hive has an asset tag on it, other than someone has noticed that it exists and deemed it worthy of some attention?


Compressor ownership has been identified.

Still interested to know more about asset tags, whether non-hive owned things get tagged, intended use, etc.


Dave B.,

I posted this in the #discussion channel of Slack but…Jim Dalleam and I have been working on inventory for what seems like several months. It seems like the practice has been to stick an inventory tag on anything significant. Unfortunately the tags all read “Property of HIVE13” and many of the items are definitely not Hive property. As we nail down what is what is actually on loan and from whom, we will change the tags to reflect the truth. This is a work in progress.

John Clark
Hive13 COO