Kitchen Warden says.

please remember to clean up after yourself, just as you ought to elsewhere in the Hive, Its being courteous to others.

(heh, I stopped short of making a joke about how kinky some folks might be in their eating habits)



Instructions unclear; loaded bottom shelf of dishwasher full of Tupperware. Also, the shop vac filters were getting dirty, so they went into the top shelf during the same load.

Auuuhhhggggg!! Bad Greg! Bad! No cookies for you!! (rolls up the Pi magazine she just bought and swats at Greg’s nose)

The dishwasher says certification is needed though!

This is true… and I hereby Certify you, Daniel, I believe you have prior experience with safe and proper dishwasher operation, including how to safely and properly load it for the maximum washing efficiency.

Your certification is good for 6 months. If you feel you need a refresher course, please ask.