Kitchen Vote

Hi folks!

Let’s talk kitchen

The Kitchen Committee has put together a budget that can be found here that will be up for vote and discussion. I know there’s some sticker shock with a vote for 10k, but please keep in mind we’re essentially starting from scratch here. We rounded up the costs so it’s quite possible that we won’t need the whole amount - in fact, that’d be ideal! However, assuming this passes, there will be less room in the Hive’s budget for new toys.

We are trying to find treasures wherever we can and lower costs; for example - we have a lead on some kitchen cabinets from a member’s friend who is redoing their kitchen! We’d be able to get this for free, and possibly only need to build some fill-in cabinets. We’ve also been in touch with places like Building Value and Habitat for Humanity who are going to keep an eye out for cabinetry for us. What’s needed to finish up the new bathroom is also in this vote. If you have a lead or resource, absolutely let me know!

We want to do this right, because the kitchen is so important for the space. As with all of our member built projects; there will be posts for workdays to get stuff put together. All that’s needed is enthusiasm to help!

Feel free to discuss in the thread! This vote will be up for at least a week. I may leave it up for 2 weeks depending on input / questions / comments / concerns

We need a kitchen, I vote yes. We will just have to be a bit tight on “fun” votes for the rest of the year.

I also support the funds for the kitchen.

vote yes

I vote yes.

I vote yes.

Might we solicit members for donations? For example, I want to remember Chris D has offered a commercial double oven for the space.


When is this vote actually closing? there were notes in the board meeting agenda about postponing it, and hardly anyone has voted considering how large of a vote it is…

Apologies for not making it clear on here. I had mentioned it in a meeting - This vote has been indefinitely postponed as the kitchen committee is re-structured.

We are receiving a hefty cabinet donation on Tuesday, and I’ll call a kitchen committee meeting after that to see how things will proceed from then.

I cannot be the sole one leading this committee.