Kitchen fridge clearout by kitchen warden.

I took some time to clear some items in the fridge section of the refrigerator at the Hive…
Items with names on them were not touched but may have been moved to another shelf.

I would like to request that if you leave leftovers in the fridge as ‘Fair Game’ for anyone to eat, that you post a message that they are available. And perhaps remove them yourself after a suitable time.

Things that have been tossed:

Most opened items with an expiration date that is past. This included Mayonnaise, ketchup, dressing, unknown and unmarked brown stuff, sour cream, pie crust, stale marshmallow candy, and Leftovers that ATE through their aluminum foil covering. (needless to say the trash was taken out to the dumpster )

I did leave some olives that are still sealed but have an expiration date that is past.

I also left some mustard – it’s only recently expired and I don’t think the stuff goes bad that quickly.

Oh yeah I almost forgot:
“Clean up after yourself at the Hive, this includes doing your dishes and not leaving them dirty in the sink!” Thank you for your cooperation

Kitchen Warden