Kitchen cam

Either the kitchen has entered another warped time/space dimension or someone wacked the camera pretty bad. Right now it is upside down looking at maybe the electronic area?

Haha yeah it is definitely aimed at the electronics bay upside down, there is a Palet rack disrupting it’s original viewing location.

It was likely tapped by the uprights as the new pallet racks were moved into position. We’ll probably need to move it slightly to provide a clear view of the kitchen.

  • Ry

that was me. I didn’t realize it was upside down. it was only seeing the pallet rack piece - definitely going to have to fixed. Sorry!

In the meantime I have fixed the problem by relabeling it on the spy page. :slight_smile:

-Ian B.


Need to do a screen capture on that one.
I’ll wait till tomorrow when there is some light. :grinning:

The camera has been righted and pointed back at the kitchen. I will move it higher so it has an unobstructed view as soon as I find a beam clamp.

  • Ian B.

thanks Ian

The kitchen cam has been moved to a new unobstructed location. You may now resume watching the kitchen. I know, I know, it’s exciting stuff but please no spoilers. I’m waiting until the end of the kitchen so I can binge watch it.

  • Ian B.

(Laughs) thank you!