kitchen breaker

I got to the Hive and found out (after some goose chasing) that the circuit breaker for part of the kitchen power had tripped.

This just happened to be the one that powers the FRIDGE…

If you are doing anything at the Hive, and you lose power (trip the breaker) PLEASE tell someone if you don’t know where/how to check the breakers yourself. (I’m assuming if you know how to check them, that you will.)

I don’t think the power was off for very long, everything in the fridge was still cold. But this could have been a serious mess if it had not been caught!

Originally it was reported to me that the light bulb was out in the fridge - investigating that led to the discovery of the tripped breaker.


Hmmm, I’m wondering if that is the one that extension cord is plugged in to. I noticed earlier this week that someone had pulled that extension cord out (it got tucked in to a cabinet and I completely forgot about it). Glad you caught it!

I don’t know if that extension cord is plugged into the same circuit or not, but I had the cord out to run the blender on the center table for milkshakes. I’m not sure anyone else really realized it was there… It has been there for a LONG time. I find it handy to have available.

I did not see any evidence that anyone but me had been using it…