Kitchen and Lounge Area "Open House"

Hello all,

Nancy and I (area wardens for the Kitchen and Lounge, respectively) will be holding an Open House on Friday evening. We are planning to start around 5pm and run until at least 8 or 9pm (I'll likely stick around longer).

We will be answering any questions people may have about equipment in our respective areas and, much more importantly, will be watching movies and eating snacks. The types of snacks that will be there is still being determined but I will definitely be making popcorn; feel free to bring snacks for yourself or (preferably) to share!

The theme this time is "Cheesy Hacker Movies" aka Hackers/Wargames/Sneakers/etc.

See you all then.

  - Dark Ian

Thanks to everyone who came down for Movie Night on friday. We had a ton of fun eating snacks and mocking people in the 80's for... well... being in the 80's.

Anywho, we'll probably be doing another movie night next month. Date and theme to be determined.

  - Dark Ian