Kinect is installed

The kinect has been dropped off and the drivers installed. I was thinking of making it track the sumobots and tie it into a projector to overlay info next to the bots.

Can’t wait to see what others come up with!


2010-11-26 15.55.36.jpg

Excellent! I was going to suggest hooking it up to the computer I brought down there as a permanent fixture for development…

Should we create some ground rules about this so that it’s always hooked and readily available? (nothing worse than coming in to do something and finding the system in pieces…) We should also figure out how to share what we’re doing so we can all learn from each other.

Anyone have any projects in mind we can tackle?


I was going to label it as “For Hive13 Use Only. Do not dismantle”. We can dismantle the next one we get :wink:

I want to work on the sumobot tracker/projection thingy but I won’t have time for a while to get started. We have an SVN server on the domain or we could use google code… I wonder now that there is a wider google apps if we have our own hive13 google code section…

I’ve also set up a github hive13 organization repository. Its free if everything is public. Anybody that wants commit / admin rights just reply with your github login and I’ll add you.