Kinect for the Hive13

I’ve decided to buy a Kinect and donate it to the Hive. I really want to hack the kinect but I know I don’t have much time at the moment. So the next best thing is to get it and keep it at the hive so we can all play with it. :smiley: Of course finding a kinect that isn’t attached to an xbox is hard to come by. If somebody is out and wants to pick one up for me please do but send the list an email so we don’t buy too many of them :slight_smile: Also if anybody want to chip in on this we can do that too. Just let me know if you want to chip in and we can all split the cost. If not, no big deal.


what do they cost? I’ll kick in 10%.


I'll kick in 10% also. I'm rather interested in what can be done with
the depth information it provides.

I’m going to gamestop at midnight tonight. Fingers crossed!

Ok, I grabbed the last one at the Anderson GameStop. We will have a Kinect at the Hive to hack! :smiley:

Look for it in the makerbot room. I’ll probably drop it off tomorrow or Saturday.



This took less than 5 minutes to get running under Linux w/ the src drivers (Ubuntu has binaries but I’m Debian)

At least the initial drivers are crazy simple!


Awesome! Thank you for picking one of these up.