Is there anything stopping us from copying additional keys at least
for full members? Just curious.

I would like to second this. Honestly the access issue needs to be resolved within the month in order for me to continue justifying the expense.


I concur as well.

I want access too. I am not certain that cutting more keys is the best way to go about it. Easiest, certainly, but there were there not concerns about having a bunch of keys floating around? Isn’t that why why only board members received keys? The issue with access seems to be the availability of key holders to open the space, correct?

We need to run this by the landlords. We currently do not have
permission to copy the keys.

Our lease states that a "good faith" effort is underway to identify
the best keyless entry system. Until said system is identified and
installed the only people that are supposed to have keys are "the
organization's charis", which I take to be the Board of Directors and
/ or Officers.

As far as I'm concerned Craig has done more than our fair share of
research and has presented a number of options to the landlords. It
is my understanding that Craig has already made it clear to them that
this is a priority for us and we are willing to contributing funding
and labor to get this done sooner rather than later.

I'll call Grant tonight and explain our urgency. However I don't have
all the info about the locks at hand, so I won't make the best

Hopefully if Craig is back he can comment on what the current status
of the negotiations is.


I would say that with it going on a month, that is 1/12 of a 1 year lease, they are stretching the “Good Faith” in my opinion at this point.

Just got back in the states and I’m trying to catch up with mail. It appears that nobody made any progress on this lock issue. I will see if I can get ahold of Grant if nobody else has and see what’s up.

We can always do a key based system. They suck but it beats what we are doing now.


I just got off the phone with Grant and this is my understanding of the issue.

The thing that is making this go slow is basically they are currently
in negotiations with some guys that are looking at renting that space
at the (south) end of the building. That space shares the entry way
with our 'spring grove side' door. So they are trying to feel those
guys out and make sure they are cool with the keypad, etc. Those guys
have not officially signed that they are going to go in there, but
most likely will starting renting in Sept. So, apparently Doug may
have talked to them about stuff today, but Grant was not sure. They
are planning on meeting or talking with them within the next few days
to hammer out the rest of the understanding or whatever. So, whenever
that conversation happens, well have the green light to do the lock.
We are welcome to buy it and install it ourselves at that point.

My recommendation is to spec out what we want and buy it, so we can do
it at the drop of a hat.

It is kind of irritating that we are being help up by /potential/
tenants, while we are actual current tenants. I let Grant know that
the sooner this can be done the better, and that our membership was
getting a little upset about it.


I sent a very similar email to grant telling him we need this ASAP. But why would we pay for the outide lock? We already have bought and installed our keypad lock. This is not making me happy …


Let me clarify a little more. Grant actually offered that maybe the
other guys and the landlords would actually pay for the lock, if we do
the labor.

I'm saying we should try to have the lock on hand, so there is minimal
waiting. Then they can pay us back for it.

My thought is we give them til like Tuesday or something and then tell
them we would like to get out of the lease if we don't see some



I should probably CC Grant but I’ll wait. We don’t need to install the lock. If we do then we need a cut on the sound proofing. This is their responsibility. This needs to be done 100% by them. Not the new tenent andf not us unless it benefits us. I maybe available to stop by tomorrow to clarify this with Doug and Grant.



Craig is completely right here. It is the responsibility of the landlord to make sure we have access not the other way around. Am I wrong in assuming that Doug and Grant are the property owners? I’ve read a few sentence formulations that sound as if they are acting in someone else’s stead.


For those that were not in IRC this afternoon, or those who have not had a chance to read the scrollback:

(12:02:41 PM) zombieCraig: fyi, Grant is ordering the lock this weekend
(12:03:02 PM) zombieCraig: once it comes in we’ll install it
(12:03:11 PM) zombieCraig: and finally have 24/7 access for all!



I have the UPS tracking number and the lock should be here tomorrow!!! I’ll see if I can get off work a little early to install it. The access code will be emailed out via your hive13 email account.



Don’t forget to also send the inside door access code, unless it is going to be the same.

It will be the same. I will have to sync both doors but it is worth it to not have to remember both codes :wink:

Keypad is installed now!!! Street access with the green mat. The passcodes have been sent to your hive13 email account. if you are not a member you will not be given a passcode and will have to attend the weekly meetings, events or classes for access.

Note about the door. Once the light goes green give it a good tug. Also ensure you push it all the way shut. Both doors autolock.

Enjoy the 24/7 access!!


It will be the same. I will have to sync both doors but it is worth it to not have to remember both codes :wink: