Key for breaker room

I seem to have tripped the breaker for the planer. Where is the key to get into the breaker room?

I thought the planer was fed from one of the outlets fed by the panel by the metal lathe.

If not, I think the key to the maintenance room should be on the opposite side from the “Hive open” switch. I seem to remember it being on a nail.


There is a nail with a label that says Electrical Room Key, but no key is hanging there. There are a matched pair of keys on another nail nearby, but they don’t work on that door. On to other projects for today.

I will be down there shortly after 5 I may be able to help

That could be about the outlet. I didn’t realize that. I didn’t read this until I left this afternoon (after Alex), so as of the moment I left that breaker was still tripped, so just FYI.

The electrical room key has returned to its proper location, after spending two cold nights alone and exposed on the electronics workbench in the annex.

It’s likely that I mislaid the key during a recent new member tour. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Motion to print a large bright yellow lightning bolt or similar item of electro-kitsch for use as an extremely visible key fob.

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