There was a trickle of water from the Keggerator down here today… I’ve mopped it up and stuffed another towel up against the refrigerator corner. I am not sure if it’s still leaking or what…

Oh! I turned the kegerator off!

uh… jason is asking if that means the MEAD is turned off? but the Servasa(sp) is on?

Mead is off, cerveza is on, might be warm since fridge is defrosting

Be careful of that mead! As Mike can attest to, a little bit will get you wasted. I want to say it is upwards of 10% alcohol!

I want some! thanks for sharing!

Yes, it’s probably around 15%…

Being someone who doesn't know any better... is there any chance it might go all Hodapp on us and 'splode???



no! definitely not! the kegs are under about 10psi of co2 pressure and the kegs themselves are rated above 30psi.