Junk - we have less of it now!

I so far have failed to find someone that accepts ABS plastic in the
quantities we had for recycling. City of cincinnati / rumpke doesn't
and pretty much anyone that does wants a lot more of it in a lot more
precise and uniform quantity than we have. Oh well. We tried. The
dumpster is a little fuller.

There are now boxes for the kinds of stuff we can recycle - circuit
boards, steel, aluminum, copper. Try to use them as much as possible
if you're dismantling things. If the boxes get full, start another
one and label it. I'll do my best to get stuff down to the metal
recycling place as I generally have some time off during the week when
they're open.

I also went through the roll-around cart thingy with all the computer
components in gray bins. Some of the bins are now labeled (GASP) and
several of the other random boxes of computer components have been
assimilated and sorted into the labeled drawers. All IDE hard drives
<20Gigs or marked "Bad" were also taken apart for scrap already.

I also went through the stuff trying to sort junk from things that
might actually be useful. There is a box of 5.25" floppy drives, 3.5"
floppy drives, slow CDROMs, CPUs slower than a P4 (i.e. P1/P2/P3),
slow PCI video cards (i.e. 1993-1994ish), etc. over in the disposal
shelves with today's date. I kept 5 PCI video cards (saved the
fastest ones), all 10-100 or faster network cards, ...

The place looks a lot better. Slowly getting closer to having a
REALLY useful work space. :slight_smile:

-Dave B.

Oh yeah, Jordan helped me load up 140lbs of steel and 20lbs of
aluminum (cans, casings and hard drive shells) on Wednesday. Almost
$30 in scrap to feed the hive!
-Dave B.

You Rock! You too Jordan :slight_smile:

This work was way overdue. Thanks for tackling it!


This is awesome, thanks for the hard work, Dave!


thank you so much!