Junk Salvage Day - Saturday 11:00 am

Just a reminder that this coming Saturday is Hive13’s monthly Junk Salvage & Organization day. To prevent us from scrapping anyone’s projects we have a 30 day purgatory shelf in a back corner of the hackerspace. When we are organizing the hackerspace items that can not be easily sorted onto the storage shelves but are clearly not garbage are labeled with the date and put on our purgatory shelves. When the next junk day rolls around, any item that has been on the purgatory shelf for greater than 30 days is fair game for scrap.

Typically the way the Junk Salvage day works is each person that shows up picks an area to organize and/or spends a bit of time salvaging items off the purgatory shelf.

Potential Projects for this month:

  • The Fab Lab // Lounge needs some help after the arrival of the laser & FDM 2000
  • Kitchen could use some organization, dishes put away, run the dishwasher
  • Sweep the entire space floor
  • Sweep & Mob the bathroom floor, actually the entire bathroom could probably use some cleaning.
  • Sort & Scrap items on the purgatory shelves.
  • Sort items on and around the storage shelves
  • Tangled tub of wires in the dirty room, may the great spaghetti monster be with the person that tackles this project.
  • Pile-o-computers in the dirty room (Sort out working // non-working, put the rest into purgatory for salvage)
  • Other?

Paul, Thanks for the announcement and the organization for this necessary task. We appreciate it!


i'll be there in a little bit :slight_smile: