Junk Salvage and Space Cleanliness

I’m thinking if we continue to put stuff in a junk area for a month we should have it be a bit more organized and as the main hackerspace wiki (http://hackerspaces.org) recommends send out an email with the recently added stuff monthly.
Ideally we should clear out the whole junk area monthly and then move in any new stuff on that same day.

Today after the meeting Ed, Tyler, and I cleared out most of the junk on there except for two things.

Stuff that needs to be taken or it will be thrown out:

  • A whole box of PS2 cuecats
  • A mini cannon “bubble” printer. Not sure if this works, but I recall someone saying that it might.

On my second point; I realize that Saturday Junk Salvage days have died off. I really, really think they should be started back up again. I understand that the space isn’t nearly as bad as it once was, but it still isn’t good. At these monthly cleanup days we can make sure that benches and tables are cleared (such as the bench next to electronics which almost never stays clear and the kitchen bar, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen clear of stuff). We can actually junk things, instead of moving them to the junk area and leave them for months. It would also be a really good idea to sweep up and use the shop vac to vacuum up as much dust as possible to try and keep everything nicer. Also bleach and clean the bathroom, clean up dishes and the sink (bleaching the kitchen counters may not be a bad idea either), etc.

Obviously there is other stuff, but one of the problems is that this is a LOT of stuff. I know at the previous junk salvage days only a couple of members would regularly show up and occasionally a burst of extra people would come in to help. I believe the main people trying to clean up got burnt out and stopped after a while.

There are some members who use the space and while they make things messier rarely help clean up. I think this is a big problem. I would like to see people heavily encouraged to help cleanup the space since they are using it. Maybe if Saturdays aren’t good for a lot of people we should have maybe two cleanup days a month on different days (one on saturday and maybe one during the week. Really whenever works best for many people.) I just don’t think it’s fair that many people use the space yet very few people actually help clean the whole space. Sure they may clean up after their projects, but they don’t help any more than that. I know that the COO is supposed to keep things clean, but part of that is getting other people to actually help contribute to the Hive’s cleanliness.

All in all, organization and cleanliness has been a problem for the hive since the space started, and while it’s still relatively young this is something we should work on to improve as it keeps many people from using the space to it’s full potential which is the opposite of what we want.

Any comments, ideas, constructive criticism very appreciated.


I'll be happy to give the cuecats a home. Every time I see that box
I boggle at it, near to my heart because I once built a self contained
talking handheld scanner using a cuecat.

As a disclaimer, I will most likely try to sell these on ebay*, so
anyone who want some or all of them for any other use should have
first dibs, particularly since I am not a member.

* Who am I kidding, they will probably sit on a shelf at my house.

Ok, we’ve got one more box full of cuecats left, come and get em! You are more than welcome to take them and sell for your own profit, we just don’t want to see them on the shelf any more.

If no takers in a week they will go in the dumpster.

Well before you hit the dumpster, there are places for the recycling of old electronics.


Roscoe (who has enough cats at home)

I'll be coming by to get them some time this week, or maybe Saturday
if the space is open.

Yup there are a number of options out there I believe the best one we had is down in Florence KY.

Generally nobody has been willing to spend the time and energy on trucking stuff to the facility for the small amount of money that we would get in return.

Anybody is more than welcome to take the discards that we are throwing out and sell them for scrap / recycling and keeping the money.

Excellent I’ll put your name on them (but anybody that wants one of their own is welcome to take one as well)

I’ve been following this clean-up thread for a little bit. Wanted to make sure - do I need to move my PA equipment out of the way, or do you guys still find use for it? If it’s just gathering dust I can bring it home.


I find the PA equipment useful :slight_smile:

Yup having the PA is great, you’re welcome to keep it there.

PA stuff is awesome, use it all of the time for blaring music while down there.


Sure beats the Garret Morris approach!

Okay showing my age here.