June 2nd Meeting Recap ( was Re: [CHP] Re: Next Meeting - June 2nd )

Here are the notes I took during the meeting tonight: (
http://cincinnatihackspace.wikispaces.com/June+2%2C+2009 ). Feel free
to correct them or fill in any details I missed. I was definitely not
capturing everything that was being said.

The "next actions" we came up with are:

* do election stuff online: let people nominate themselves, vote

This is referring to the Board we need to form in order to
incorporate. I think we should go ahead and start a dedicated thread
for that topic and talk about everything this entails.

* set up some sub-groups on the Gsites: meatspacers,

Craig is setting up some sub-groups using sites.hive13.org so that
teams can have their own mailing lists. I know he's going to set up a
group for the meatspacers, but I forget who else.

* figure out the voice conferencing for next week

DimDim seemed to work ok, but I'm a n00b at using it and was overall a
fail for tonight. Next week we will have an 800 number that folks can
call in on. Nauseaboy has already got it set up I believe.

* mediawiki set up in progress as we speak... done!

This is already basically done. We're going to go ahead and move off
of wikispaces.com and move onto a MediaWiki instance on our own
hosting. It will be wiki.hive13.org. <-- That link will be working

* happy hour!

We all would like to meet up and hang out and drink beers (and not
take minutes). Just need to pick a time and place.

* become friends with other makers/hackers/artists/etc

Maybe a job for Propagandists? We should reach out to other groups
that are doing similar things and learn from them, party with them,
(take their members), etc. Basically do some diplomacy in the region.

* craig will also set up a picasa album for logo submissions

If you have been working on logo ideas or any other art, you will soon
be able to upload that to our site and let other people check it out.

Ok, so next meeting is next Tuesday, June 9. Same bat-time same
bat-place (7pm @ Taza). Get started on the agenda over on the wiki if
you so desire: http://cincinnatihackspace.wikispaces.com/June+9%2C+2009