July 25 Party Wiki Page

Dave set up a nice wiki page for the up-coming party @ the space. There are places on the page to sign up for different items that we would need for the event and overall he did a pretty nice job on it.

You can find it by going here: http://wiki.hive13.org/index.php?title=Hive13_Mixer_(Beta)

Thanks for doing that Paul. I’ve been out of town and trying to move into a new house to boot. I’m going to be at the meeting tonight. I’ll be delivering the couch (finally). Sorry things haven’t been more organized.


Thats cool, Dave actually did 99% of the work here, I just decided to blast the mailing list with the link to the page so it would get some more views.

I think that for the up-coming party it should be pretty low key and easy to organize since it is mostly just coordinating people to bring in food, beverage and entertainment related items.

By “entertainment related items” you mean hookers and blow, right?


Just figured I would send out an email with a kind of mini-update on what needs to be done and what has happened with regards to the party.

  1. Exactly what time will the space been unlocked so people can start coming down.
  • Dave said he will be there around 6:00 pm to unlock the space.

  • The Facebook “event” says the party starts at 5:00 pm.

  • I would like to be down there around 2:00 to start cleaning up and organizing stuff.

  • Dave said that he could possibly unlock the space earlier in the morning if someone wants to hang out for most of the day, I would do it, but I work until 12:00 pm on saturday. Even if Dave unlocked the inner door, there is the outer door to worry about, other renters tend to close the door after they enter or exit.

  • Maybe ChrisA could unlock the space at some point in the afternoon to let people in?1. Has everyone reviewed and updated http://wiki.hive13.org/index.php?title=Hive13_Mixer_%28Beta%29 with what they are planning on bringing?

  1. Something of Note: The projector works great, we hooked it up to the xbox last night and watched a movie off the drive.
  2. Anything I am forgetting?

I’ll be there between 5pm and 6pm. I’ll see what else I can throw together food wise.

i can be there in the late morning/early afternoon to unlock, but i can’t stick around (i have to cook). i can be there for a duration some time after 4.

What kind of connections does the projector have?
I’m thinking about bringing my xbox360 for sf4/blazblue/KoFXII.

Let me know

From what I saw the projector has DVI (we have a VGA->DVI adapter), composite video (but not audio), and I am not sure how the audio in works, Dave would have to say.

3 video inputs:
[1] DVI (we have a DVI->VGA adapter)
[2] s-video
[3] RCA/Composite video

1 audio input:
3.5mm "headphone style" jack (we have a 3.5mm->red/white RCA cable)

I have some more adapters at home that I will bring to hopefully make
everything easier to connect. Also, if I have time this afternoon I
will hit up a thrift store or two two see if I can find any

(accidentally hit send...)

that sentence was supposed to go "...find any cheap and useful AV equipment."

I'll look for a receiver and some speakers.


I've got an old stereo receiver that mostly works. Lots of inputs.


I've yet to make a meeting, but intend on showing up for at least a couple hours tonight. (It's not members only, is it?) Believe it or not Saturdays are easier for me than weekdays.

I saw on the party page no one's signed up for water. I can bring a big flat of bottled water with me tonight.

Also, all this talk of A/V reminded me that I have an old Tivo Series 2 I haven't been able to find a use for or sell. Unfortunately, due to space limitations in our house, old electronics tend to get disposed of right away around here, but I still have the Tivo. Am willing to donate it to the space (read: leave it in the corner) if anyone's interested. I can bring it tonight, or otherwise at a future point.

I've also got a few component video cables I have no use for since I converted my HD setup to all HDMI. Got a few of the red-white-yellows since they seem to come with any piece of electronics sold these days.


On 7/25/2009 12:25 PM Nathaniel claimed:

gerard: come on by we’d be glad to have you there!

Sadly I won’t be able to make it tonight. :frowning:

I’ll drink 1 (…2…3??) for you.