Joint Meeting Between IDSA, and HIVE13 - The meet is on! December 4th

Joint Meeting Between IDSA, May We Help and HIVE13

This morning we confirmed the meet is on.

IDSA is the national Industrial Design professional organization. They hold meetings where their members may network with interesting groups around Cincinnati. is a Cincinnati based volunteer organization that designs and makes adaptive living devices for the disabled.

The meeting is intended to provide a way for all of our members to learn about each other and perhaps find mutual interests.

When: Tuesday December 4th from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm or so.

Where: HIVE13


6:00 to 7:30 Networking, Snacks and Beverages - (beer and wine budget tbd)

HIVE13 members to demo Laser Cutter, Plastics Fab, Electronics?

Perhaps a CNC drawing demo. No woodworking, welding or mill/lathe.

7:30 Speakers

  • Welcome to HIVE13, Who we are, What we do. 10 minutes

  • What is IDSA - IDSA leadership 10 minutes

  • Guest speaker from 30 to 40 minutes

Why: IDSA meetings draw between 80 to 100 industrial designers

This a great opportunity for HIVE13 to connect.

Thank you one and all.

Dave Velzy

Action items to be taken

IDSA will get their internal publicity ready for distribution this week. HIVE13 and MayWeHelp will provide info to IDSA for inclusion. We will distribute the information to our mailing list. And make announcements through our social media.

Food and beverage planning will proceed based on rsvp responses. Budget tbd.

HIVE13 members to sign up for demo and door duties.

I’ve put out the request for a loan of a second projector with the intent to project inside the meeting room and out on our drop down screen in the larger hall. We will need a way to split the HDMI signal out to both projectors Also plan to use our sound system.

HIVE13 waivers and wrist band process to be the same as we did for the open house.

Damn! I’ll be in St. Croix when this is happening! Sad to miss it. Thanks for helping make this happen, Dave Velzy.
-Dave B.

May we help is great.
They made a foot securing/holding device for my paraplegic sister; it helps keep her feet in place on her wheel chair when she's having muscle spasms.