Jet Air Filter Filters

The Jet air filter in the woodshop need a new filter. I’m not seeing any in boxes, Greg doesn’t know where they might be, and Elly hasn’t responded to my private email.

Anybody have any idea? Maybe we need to order some?

You can find the part on Amazon and put it on the warden spreadsheet. Greg can order it.
I would order two. :grinning:



Apologies, I mainly check my email through my phone, and mine was out of commission for over a week. I have a new one now, but hadn’t set up all my email accounts to sync through it.

We don’t have any more, because the machine didn’t come with any spares, but we can either buy the “real” one for it, or just get a generic furnace filter,. A lot of people will do the generic one, as it is the same thing, but usually way cheaper.

If we want we could look into washable/reusable filters for long term use; I think these are typically twice the cost and you can use for a very long time (well past the two disposable filters that would cover the initial cost.) The Jet brand one from Woodcraft I found was about $44, which would fit nicely into the warden budget. I haven’t checked amazon or other places/other brands. So I would do this first before ordering one if that’s what we would want to get.

Thanks guys. I’ve added the washable version to the warden sheet.

I don’t think a generic furnace filter will work, because of the odd shape of the machine. (Otherwise sure) Generally they’re square, and like 16x16 or something. There are other shapes, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that rectangular, which is disappointing since we could probably get them really cheap if normal filters were the right size. Rockler has the el cheapo at $19, but the washable one seems like a better idea.

Also, for some reason I thought there was an upper limit of $40 for the warden sheet, but I’ll be darned if I can find that limit mentioned in the warden page.

If I recall correctly the $40 thing was an informal “limit” based on the fact that the warden sheet was intended for smaller items, (routine purchases, consumables, etc). It wasn’t actually ever formalized in the wardens addendum. Usually more than $40 is worth bringing up as a separate vote, but there is certainly wiggle room there at the COO’s discretion. This seems like it would probably qualify.

  • Ian B.