Javascript Workshop @ Hive13

Looking for feedback on who is interested in learning Javascript down at the Hive Saturday afternoons (3pm?), and where ppl’s current knowledge levels are.

Also, I’ll need someone with a badge to let me in this week :). Should have my own soon…

I’m preparing to start with a skill level of “I once saw a computer through a store window”, but hopefully some are further along than that, so I’d like to have something new for them, too. In my mind it’s more of a workshop than a class.

At this point I have no intention of charging a fee, and I personally welcome anyone interested, Hive member or not. Don’t know what the group policy as far as public participation is… I’m thinking this sort of thing fits well with the Hive’s stated non-profit mission, right?

Looks like I’ll be able to attend Tuesday meetings only every-other-week for the foreseeable future, but I can do every Saturday in the same frame.

Also, I’d like to drop the ‘Effecthive’ name from the topic - I think that was a reference to a book? We can come up with something clever later if that’s a pre-req…

I’ll be down there for Saturday Cleanup overlapping the scheduled Javascript time, so no worries about access to the space.

Thanks for picking this up. We seem to have a fair bit of interest in the material, even if it’s not generating a lot of traffic on the mailing list.

Just to be clear to anyone interested:

Javascript Workshop @ Hive13

Saturday, Oct 26th, 2013



I should be there by 2pm

Skill level 1 - 10 and 10 being an expert I am 1


I am interested too… I learned some basic in High school a long time ago… so maybe I’m a 2 or a 3? on a 1- 10 scale ( I was told that java is similar) My problem with be scheduling, There’s some things going on right now where I know my saturdays will be busy some weeks (like today) and I’m not sure when I’ll be free.