January Welding Classes Sign-up

I saw the welding classes on the homepage, but didn’t see details on sign up or RSVP… Are they full already?


I saw these also. Is Kirk teachign then? And is it required to take the basic class before the advanced? Also, any chance of there being any classes in the future that are earlier in the day? Like a sat afternoon?

As someone with quite a bit of experience welding, is there a little more detailed curriculum available? I don’t want to waste money on material I already know but I also know that I have tons to learn.

Yeah, I didn’t have enough time to get the eventbrite pages up yesterday, but I still wanted to people know the classes were happening!

Kirk is teaching the classes, so you can ask him questions: kirkcwallace@gmail.com (hopefully he doesn’t mind me sharing his email).

AFAIK if you know decent metal prep, welding, etc you can skip to the second class.

Dave - I asked Kirk to clarify a little better. The descriptions are lacking a bit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lastly, here are the actual sign up links!



From Kirk:

"In the first class;
we will cover how to cut with each type of cutting tool that the hive has: angle grinder, band saw, abrasive and circular saw. We will then talk about do’s and don’ts for prepping metal. I will then focus on angle grinder technique and have people prepare a few pieces of steel to weld together in the intro to welding. I will then start with a brief section on theory of welding and some tidbits on safety. Next comes hands on welding practice with laying a bead with practical advice on setting parameters of the welder. Once people can lay a bead on the practice metal, we will move onto welding the project together. The focus will be on quality welds and keeping the piece flat (ie - not using too much heat).

In the second class;
We will cover welding rods/pipes together aligning their centers, various techniques for welding 90 degree angles, welding different thicknesses of steel, and then some ideas for rapid prototyping (ie- jig making, and one of a kind welding). After that I will open the floor up to answer any specific questions people have. Naturally a small class size will mean more one on one question time at the end.

Hope that helps answer some questions,

Kirk "

Are these classes the only way to become certified to use the welding tools?


Anyone who can show a reasonable knowledge of welding and taking care of the welder can approach at least the area warden, myself, or Ryan to be certified.

Quite a few people have done so actually.


But it’s the only training?

Certainly not.

Barring hostile takeover by barbarians uninterested in preserving hackspace culture, Hive13 will never have a ‘pay to play’ model as the only path towards learning to use a tool. Some basic amount of material will also always be available so that consumable cost does not present a barrier to education. Anyone demonstrating a reasonable level of proficiency and safety consciousness to an appropriate officer or area warden can be added to the approved user list for certification-required tools.

This does not, however, imply that people will always be willing to offer formal training classes. The availability of such courses depends entirely on the good nature of those with the rare intersection of competence and compassion required to enthusiastically teach. When such people do appear, we gratefully accept the time they are able to contribute. Historically, there has often been a charge for these classes, to support both the Hive, and to (albeit poorly) compensate the trainer for their time.

Formal training should probably be considered the exception. Hackerspaces have a strong tradition of autodidactic learning. Anyone willing to dive into a topic, do the reading themselves, and figure out how to use a tool will find willing supporters among the membership. Good approaches are beginning with internet searches, or asking the group to help by providing references to material.

  • Ry

Two people have signed up for the friday class so I think it is iffy whether or not Kirk wants to do it (he wanted a minimum of three people). Also, snow.

Kirk - will you please weigh in so people know what’s up with stuff?


Lorin and I also intended to attend. I just signed up on Eventbrite for both Friday evenings, though Saturday would work just as well.

  • Ry

My son and I were going to attend but won’t be able to make it due to physically injury on my part.

Just as a brief reminder, Hive13 is holding its second basic welding course this evening at 6PM. This course covers safety precautions, metal preparation, and provides some introductory hands on experience with MIG welding.

The follow on advanced course will be made available next weekend.

Class pricing and Schedule:

Metal Prep and Welding Good Practice (class 1)
Cost: $60
Offered: Saturday 1/23/2016 from 6:00PM - 10:00PM
Sign up here

Advanced Welding Fabrication (class 2)
Cost: $50
Offered: Friday 1/29/2016 from 6:00PM - 9:00PM
Saturday 1/30/2016 from 6:00PM - 9:00PM
Sign up here

Kirk & co -

I’m not quite ready to add welding to my repertoire yet, but just wanted to say I think it’s really great you’re putting this class on. It’s a nice way for a newbie to get up to speed quickly and avoid some costly pitfalls. Thanks for taking the time to put it all together.