January 4 Game Day

As per my normal scheduling, on the first Saturday of the month, January 4, 2014, I will be attempting to hold Game Day. Due to the holidays though, I would be more than willing to postpone it by one week to allow people to get home and relax after spending time with extended family. If you would prefer to have Game Day on the second Saturday of January, please let me know here.

I will be bringing the usual suspects from my collection: “Munchkin”, “Elder Sign”, “Settlers of Catan”, & “Fluxx”, as well as two new games: “Nuns on the Run” and “Something Different”.

For those who like the old standards, feel free to bring those as well. Scrabble and Clue are amazing classics, as are many of the card games that have lasted forever, like Mille Bournes, and Phase 10.

It appears that I forgot to put a time on the schedule for the game day tomorrow. I do hope I’m not too late in posting it now.

I intend to be at Hive13 by lunch, and for Game Day to start around 2:00 PM or so. This gives me time to do some clean up in the main common room area.