Jackson Machine #2 Vertical in Bethel - HIVE possibility?

Saw this on Craig's list. It could be a good candidate for the HIVE,
interesting model and looks in good shape. What do folks think?



Well not really my place to say anything one way or the other, but I going to toss this out , A: 3 phase is a pain in the arse to get if you don’t already have it in the Hive Duke dang near flat out refuses to install it less you order your own transformer, though I know the guys says it comes with a new converter his price is retail for it B: looks like a semi decent job cleaning it up this machine is OLD as dirt , compared to Paul's though it should be a work horse if you guys looking to do serious work assuming the bearings are still ok but I can assure you getting a replacement one could be a tat beyond hard if any the dials have any issues at all I wouldn’t for that price ive seen dozens go for less at auctions though those auctions are becoming further far and few between as most fab shops are gone now.