It's not as bad as it looks..

Don’t panic. The metals room looks like a disaster area, but it’s just dust.

I painted a new shelf frame this evening. I used white this time, and despite the use of a drop cloth, the metals room floor is momentarily covered in dry overspray. I suspect this has always happened, but black dust just isn’t noticeable.

The frame should be dry to the touch by morning, so if anyone absolutely has to move it, go ahead. I’ll need to flip it and finish painting later this week. (likely Wednesday night) Once this is done, I’ll vac the floor and any covered surfaces.

  • Ry

thank you for the message sir, I was going to loctite on the handle at the meeting tomorrow if it has not been done yet for the compressor.

Spray paint is really bad like this. Part of the problem is that the particles seem to stay in the air for some time, and come down later, so the drop cloth might not catch everything.

I’d also wonder what this might be doing to the metal lathe? The particles go everywhere, and will probably start to build up over time.

Seems like a paint booth/box would be a good step in the right direction, maybe in the new separate room away from anything delicate. I built one for my air brushes, they’re not that complex, just a box, some lights, and a strong fan. Probably a day or so project. I could put a plan together if people are interested.