It's Christmas - What's on your Santa list?

Wouldn’t the Hive like one of these cute little Grizzly table-top combination horizontal/vertical mills for Christmas?

It’s got an R-8 collet and a 1/2 HP 110 VAC single-phase motor and weighs 268 lbs. We could get it for only $1,210.00 and free shipping. At that price there is room to add DRO and play with a CNC conversion.

Here are two links to the same mill (in-stock at Magnum, out-of-stock at Grizzly)

What’s on your Santa list this year?


Awfully similar to the Roland if converted to CNC… though I’ll admit I like cast iron over Cast Aluminum for a machine tool casting…

A large flat piece of something, approximately 3’ x 5’