Is This Your Box In Member Storage Slot C7?

To Whom It May Concern:

Leadership has assigned me slot C7 in Member Storage. There has been a box there (see attached photos), for pretty much since we moved to 2701SG. If it belongs to you, please move to your designated slot, or otherwise dispose of it as you see fit, no questions asked.

Should the box and/or contents remain in my slot by 04/16/2020, I will assume such to be abandoned, and I will take possession/disposal of all items remaining in C7.

Thank you for your consideration.


Thank you for pointing this out. The box appears to belong to Brian Wingate. He has to spot just to the right of yours, C-6. There is a badge with his name on it in the box. I moved it into his spot. Your storage area should now be completely empty and again available for your use.

I don’t think this was done maliciously. Just a simple mistake. But I’m glad to help try to resolve it for you. If you have further issues like this please let us know.

Also, I noticed that you were not on Slack. Slack is the main place where all kinds of communication seems to occur between Hive members. Even more than in person or in online meetings. You should have gotten an invitation to Slack when you joined. If not, just ask and we can get you another one. Yeah, it one more thing to have to learn but it does seem to be worthwhile to find out what is going on and to put in your “two cents” worth.

I CC’ed you on this so that you knew what was going on.

I also sent you a DM on Slack.

John Clark
Hive13 COO