Is there a Spray booth or similar space for spray paints, adhesives, etc at Hive?

Is there a spray booth or similar space already at the Hive that can be used for spray painting? Something like the welding room vent but with a filter which 'll pull the paint/glue and solvent away from you? I need to spray paint a project, but I’m not so fond of getting paints and such in my respiratory system nor all over floors and walls they’re not meant to be on, and it’s really cold out right now.

Other people have asked the same thing and the answer is unfortunately no. It would be nice to have and there were some ideas about a collapsible paint booth tossed around.

If you wanted to spearhead setting something like this up I wouldn’t be opposed. :smiley:

I might try that at some point… A smallish (1.5’~2’ cube or so) knockdown one wouldn’t be too hard. Unfortunately, getting on that would be an if more than a when. Bah.