Is anyone planning to be at Hive13 this Sat 9-24?

Hi all,

   I had spoken with Paul Vincent, who said it'd be ok for me to come
over and assemble my new computer at Hive13 (I have no good workspace
in my apt). I expect my motherboard will be arriving Thur or Fri, so I
was thinking of working on it Sat (hopefully in the morning, but
afternoon or evening could work too).

   Anyhow, just wondering if anyone's planning to be around Saturday
that could let me in? Oh, also, do I need to sign the club waiver? I
forgot to ask about that at the meeting. Is the waiver available
online somewhere so I can print it and sign it? I could bring it with
me when I return to the space, and leave it on the table, or give it
to whoever lets me in.




sorry about the double-post. When I submitted the message originally
on the Google Groups website, it told me there was an error and to try
again. I didn't realize the message had posted the first time.