IRC Channel Logs

I have been working on an IRC chat bot off and on for little over a month now. Up until now most of the results of this development have been for a framework to support future features for the bot. One of the long term goals I had was to create a web interface for a chat log that was searchable and linkable. Last thursday I stopped in the Dallas hackerspace’s IRC channel (#dprg) and noticed they had a nice php web page for their chat log. They directed me to this site. Which I then adapted to work with my Java based bot.

The end result is that while it is still very much still in development and uptime is not guaranteed, we have a web interface for our chat logs now:

If anyone is interested in looking over the current code for the chat bot, it is available here:

As always there are about 15 or so of us that idle in the Hive13 IRC chat room on in #hive13 . We may not respond immediately but if you hang around someone is usually willing to answer your question or to just chat.

That is really slick paul! Well done!


Ok, as I wrote my last email I remembered that I had logs going back to August 6th, 2009 on the server, so I just spent the last couple hours writing up a parser and importing the data into the log database. About 41,034 messages were added to the database and I am going to bed now.