Inventables goodies for pick-up

Hi everyone,

When we received the shapeoko , Inventables added a bunch of bottle opener kit and stickers in the box (see pictures attached)
If anyone want one of these, it is on the meeting table. I will leave the box for one week after this delay, I will recycle the part for the space.



I’d take a bottle opener and a sticker!!! Thanks Julien

Maybe you should keep them to use for a class on the shapeoko. Would be a pretty good way to do that. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure there’s a finished one of those floating around here somewhere, so Inventables must do a lot with them… I’m guessing the files for cutting the metal and wood are available online, right? could be fun to do some custom ones!

I am not sure to understand what you mean Jon. The parts are already machined and you just have to assembled it. For the class, I was more thinking of using Styrofoam or MDF because it is cheap and you can mill it very fast.

For the files and all the steps it is here:


Oh, those aren’t blank handle pieces? I thought it came with some that you could mill a name/logo/whatever on to have a custom bottle opener.

Nevermind if that isn’t the case!