Introducing Cornerstone Corner Storage Spaces!

As we move into our new building, we can now offer a new perk of Cornerstone Membership (member dues of $100/month instead of the standard $50/month): Cornerstone Corner Storage.

Each cornerstone member may choose to be assigned one 48" x 48" area of floor space in the new building’s member storage area, to be used as they see fit (within reason). Some possible uses include bulk material storage (plywood), a mobile workbench/tool cart parking space, or a personal mini workbench.

for a full description, check out the page I wrote up on the wiki:

We currently have 12 spaces total, with 5 still available. If you are interested in stepping up to Cornerstone Membership and reserving one of the spaces, you can subscribe to the cornerstone membership by logging on to and going to the “Payments” tab at the top of the page (you will also need to cancel your standard membership payment through your PayPal unless you are feeling very generous toward the hive). You can then send an email to requesting to be assigned a space.


Kevin McLeod
Hive13 Secretary