Intro to Welding Class

Hey everybody,

Kirk is going to be holding an intro to welding class this Saturday!

Check out the details here:

If you can share this it would be awesome. It has been posted on facebook and twitter so far.


Hey I don’t know if Kirk will see you this or not, but if John or Ryan can get a hold of him I do not have his information. The welds on the go kart have been rather rough since I brought my tank down and found out that the tank is actually mislabeled. It is straight co2 rather than 7525 welding gas. The straight co2 works fine for welding on farm equipment and things that don’t have to be pretty but the bead it leaves is pretty nasty. So if he could change out the tank for the class the results would likely be a lot better, or he can use the co2 to show them at the beginning on how the puddle will oxidize if the shielding gases aren’t correct and bubble up, then switch over. I have kind of figured out the hard way over the past couple days and was just hoping it was from not prepping the metal but after running some passes with prepped metal it is definitely well it ain’t like straight co2 gas.