Intro to mill and metal lathe

Brad mentioned in the meeting Tuesday that he would like to know who has interest in a class for the mill and the lathe for metal. Put me on the list. I’ll be traveling the week of May 1, but I should be flexible otherwise.

Yes, if people could post to this thread with their interest and availability window, I’ll try and setup classes.

I'd be down for a refresher on the Hive mill and lathe. I've taken the class before, but it's been too long since I last used it.

Sundays and Wednesdays don't work for me, and the May 6th weekend I'm occupied, but I'm pretty open outside of that.

Tim W.

My membership has lapsed but if this is aimed at complete beginners, I’d be interested in reupping and joining. Pretty open flexibility.


Yes, sorry for not being more descriptive about the class.

If you look on the website the description should be on one of the previous classes.

Very basic, more about how to not hurt yourself and not damage the equipment. The idea is to get you comfortable enough to play around and then learn more. I think mist people are too intimidated to get started. This would get you started.

I’d be happy to talk more if you have any questions.


I would definitely be interested. Weekends are best right now as I have travel spattered through the next four weeks or so, but if it’s on a weeknight and I’m in town I will come.


Probably be on a Sat or Sunday. Usually I do 10-12 for the mill and 1-3 for the lathe.

Count me in then :slight_smile:

I would be interested. Sundays ate most ideal for me, but I could make a Saturday work.

Sounds like we have enough interest.
Now we get to pick a date.
I’m thinking May 13th (Saturday). Mill 10-12, Lathe 1-3.
I’ll pencil it in on my calendar, let me know if that works for most of you.

No complaints on my end.

Tim W.

I cleared it with the wife. I’m in.


I won’t be able to attend, but please let me know if you do a future class!

Did you get this on eventbrite? I got a buddy interested in it

Yes put it up last night.
Should be on the Hive main page.

I’d like to attend both sessions, but as a heads up I already have a small block of aluminum and a HSS end mill.

Tim W.

No sweat. The funds are just to cover the costs. I don’t do it for the money (maybe I should).

Feel free to just come by.

I'd like to attend the lathe class this Saturday. Can I just bring $5 in cash instead of doing the Eventbrite?


I'll be there for the mill class, with cash.