Intro / equipment question

Hello World,

I found your site recently while looking for some sort of workspace. I saw Hodapp is part of your organization so it must be pretty cool. I’ll be stopping by on an open night pretty soon :smiley:

I had a question about equipment loaning for your space - I have a bit of a collection of test equipment that’s been decommission from my employer but is still fully operational. Are you open to or interested in donations/loans of older equipment? Oscilloscopes, spec ans, network analyzers, etc.



OMG Hell yeah. If it isn’t better than what we already have, we’ll be happy to kick it on the donation chain for you. We have a couple of OLD analog scopes that need to find a new home currently.
-Dave B.


Scopes? Network analyzers? spectrum analyzers? Holy crap yes! We have many items at the hive both from donations and on loan. It isn’t a super rigid setup. We can also give receipts for donations for tax purposes if wanted.