International Tabletop day at Hive13 this Saturday, March 30th

The big day is upon us!

I will be arriving at the Hive around 1pm and I’ll bring a couple of versions of Fluxx (Regular, Zombie, and Pirate), Small World, and a couple of version of Ticket to Ride.

Bring your games and your friends to Hive13 Saturday afternoon and we’ll form groups to play games.

If you don’t have a game to bring, come anyway and play one of the multitude that will be on hand.

If you don’t want to play games, come anyway, and we will dissect you to find out why. For Science!

Hive13 is located at 2929 Spring Grove Ave. in Camp Washington. You can find maps and other details here: Hive13 - Cincinnati's Premier Makerspace

I will be there with my Go board. Hopefully someone will play with me. Its kind of hard to play against myself.

Are the games still going on?