International Tabletop Day, April 5th

As usual for our first Saturday of the month, we will be having game day, and just like last year, it will be on International Tabletop Day!

I may be able to add to our usual accoutrements of games by borrowing a copy of “Betrayal at House on the Hill” for those interested. Sadly it’s only a six-player game, but it sounds like lots of fun.

Who else will join me for game day with their favorite games and more?

As much fun as munchkin is, I’m getting tired of only playing games from my selection, and I may decide to leave that one at home to encourage more experimentation.

Should I bring Catan and it’s expansions? I know the core isn’t much for experimentation, but the Traders & Barbarians expansion is very good for it.

Just remembered, there is an event site for Tabletop Day at This is being promoted by Wil Wheaton and his video blogging buddies at Geek & Sundry. Should I post the event on there?

I would say yes!

Speaking of games, there is a local gaming convention this very weekend.

I have decided to bring my full Catan collection, and my Carcassonne Big Box for my biggest games.

Side note on Catan: I have all major expansions for the core, no extensions (so only up to 4 player games), and a few minor expansions. And they are all condensed into 3 boxes.

Regarding Munchkin while I may not be bringing my copy, I will not oppose anybody else bringing it. I’m keeping my set out because it’s easier for me to suggest the game when I bring it. I will not say no if somebody else brings their copy.

I could bring another catan as backup, so if there were more than 4 people and they REALLY wanted to play catan, there could be two boards.

I was also planning to bring zombicide, a co-operative zombie killing game Jordan and I are obsessed with. Mostly to show off the 32 miniatures I painted, but it’s also a great game.

And how about cosmic encounter? It’s an older game that I don’t hear mentioned a lot, but when game designers are interviewed they often cite it as an inspiration. If you have not heard of or played cosmic encounter, we should fix that since it is the most replayable game ever.

Finally, I might bring my “the doom that came to atlantic city” that arrived the other day after the most dramatic kickstarter ever. Lawsuits, massive fraud, “I’m sorry, even though we raised $120K instead of the $32 we asked for, I spent all the money on not having a job for a year”, and “that’s ok, this other company will step in and publish the game themselves, and send a free copy to all the kickstarter backers even though all of the money disappeared.” It’s a monopoly spoof without all the suckage of monopoly. Instead of being a scottie dog or an iron, you are great old ones and instead of buying properties, you are destroying them, sacrificing cultists along the way.

I can bring a number of tabletop games to the 4/5 event:

Twixt: First known to me as a 3M Bookshelf game, one tries to connect opposite sides of a square board with knight’s moves
like Hex and Bridg-It (hexagons and orthogonal adjhacnt connections, repectively), but more complex.

War simulation games: Wooden Ships, Iron Men – Naval battle
Central America – Insurgency vs.counterinsurgency.

and maybe Paranoia – Science-fiction dystopia game.

Bring it! Bring it all! Muahahahahaha! You’ve definitely hit on games I’ve never heard of! And if they influence major designers, they’re definitely worth a play! I can’t wait to see what new games show up!

I’d love to try some new games and see what needs to be added to my wishlist, and my play list.

For Catan fans, if multiple sessions get started, it won’t hurt to have another board available. We might even be able to get two or three different scenarios playing at once that way. And I haven’t played any of the Catan games that are not either direct expansions or extensions of the game.

Paranoia is high on my wishlist to simply read the rules for, let alone play. I’ve heard so many great things about it and how hilarious it can be.

I like catan ok, my wife loves it, so every year at gencon my son and I have to play all the mayfair games we can to earn ribbons to earn a 50% coupon.

Paranoia isn’t so great so much for the rules (it’s just a fairly simple roleplaying game) as it is for the setting, which is indeed hilarious.

I remember one game at a bachelor party where the first two clones of everyone in the party never made it past the briefing. Which was difficult to understand since it was conducted via a broken speaker simulated, as suggested by the scenario, by putting a Styrofoam cup in my mouth. And then later:

“All of a sudden the elevator stop with a jerk, and the lights go out. You now can’t see what any of the traitors around you are doing…”

I have been asked to list specifically which games are going to be available for Tabletop Day. Since I cannot list which games will be brought by others, I will list the games that I will be bringing.

Betrayal at House on the Hill
Carcassonne, (Big Box, I don’t remember which big box)
Monster Fluxx
Star Fluxx
Nuns on the Run
Settlers of Catan
Settlers of Catan, Cities & Knights Expansion
Settlers of Catan, Seafarers Expansion
Settlers of Catan, Traders & Barbarians Expansion
Settlers of Catan, Explorers & Pirates Expansion
Settlers of Catan, Oilfields of Catan, mini-expansion
Settlers of Catan, Frenemies of Catan, mini-expansion

These are the games and expansions I will guarantee that I bring.

I’m sorry to say that I will NOT be coming (and bringing the games I promised). My father is in town and it seems we will be seeing La Boheme instead.

I will be happy to bring Cosmic encounter and any of the other games I promised some other time however.